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What is Klisiexo

1. Purchase credit online

Buy your credit securely with your credit card, debit card or PayPal.

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2. Receive your PIN

Receive your Klisiexo PIN by text message onto your mobile phone.

3. Make your calls

Use our access number from any Greece mobile, landline or payphone and start saving!

How it works

Buy credit online

Buy quickly & safely with your debit/credit card or PayPal. Get your call credit at any time - no more trips to the shop.

Receive PIN by SMS

No need to carry a phone card with you. Call from a Greek mobile, landline or payphone at any time.

Call from any Greek landline, mobile or payphone

Make calls using our Athens (211) access number, which is a local Greece landline number - great if you have free calls to landlines!

Low cost, high quality calls at all times

  • Call at any time
  • Amazing rates
  • Great line quality
  • No extra or hidden charges

Lower international call charges with Klisiexo

Start saving money on your international calls in 3 easy steps

  1. Check the rate for the destination you want to call
  2. Buy your credit securely with your credit card, debit card or PayPal
  3. Receive your PIN via SMS, make calls using our access number and start saving!
Destination Rate Minutes for €10
United Kingdom 0.99 c/min 1006 minutes
United Kingdom Mobile 4.27 c/min 234 minutes

Pay with debit card, credit card or PayPal


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Terms and Conditions

By using this service you consent to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • You must have a Credit/ Debit card, a PayPal account or paysafecard with sufficient balance; and an active Greek mobile phone.
  • Cost of purchasing Klisiexo credit will be charged at €5 (or multiples thereof) to your credit/debit card or PayPal account by 2Abroad Ltd.
  • A confirmation text message informing you of the PIN number(s) purchased and details of how to use the service will be sent shortly aftre purchase.
  • You may be charged for calling our access numbers by your telecoms provider. Any of our local access numbers may be offered as part of inclusive/free minutes packages offered by landline or mobile providers. Check with your telecoms provider to confirm the cost of calling our access number.
  • Returns of unused credit are not available and refunds will only be offered in the case of a technical error on the part of 2Abroad Ltd
  • Daily topup limit is €40.
  • Credit will expire 90 days after the purchase date. This is extended by 90 days on each subsequent topup
  • Calls are charged per minute. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Calls made to mobile destinations may cost more, unless specifically mentioned in the destination list.
  • Please ensure that you have the bill payer's permission prior to making calls.
  • As a matter of policy 2Abroad Ltd will not intentionally disconnect any calls provided that there is credit available for the calls, however it may be possible that calls could get disconnected due to matters beyond 2Abroad Ltd control, e.g. force majeure, carrier fault, technology fault and human error.
  • 2Abroad Ltd reserve the right to inform you by telephone or other means of communication of any telecommunication products or services related to this product, offered by this company, or any affiliated company; we will not sell your details to third party organisation.

Privacy Policy

  • 2Abroad Ltd collects data when you use this web site. Currently data is used solely for the purpose of processing your transaction, creating your customer account, and for any contact forms you complete. If a registered user wishes to be removed from the database this can be quickly and easily achieved by either a) contacting us at info@klisiexo.gr or b) clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of an email received.
  • Whenever you enter your email address in any place on our website, or even when you send an email to our team, you can't help but provide us with data on yourself. Providing us with this information is at your option, but we promise not to use this information without your prior say-so except as described above in providing periodic newsletters regarding 2Abroad services. Like many web sites, we may also automatically receive general information that is contained in our server log files such as your IP address and cookie information.
  • We may use data to customise and improve your user experience on this site and our service. We will make efforts so that your Data will not be provided to third parties unless (i) provided for otherwise in this Privacy Policy; (ii) we obtain your consent, such as when you choose to opt-in or opt-out to the sharing of Data; (iii) a service provided on our site requires the interaction with or is provided by a third party, by way of example an Application Service Provider; (iv) pursuant to legal process or law enforcement; (v) we find that your use of this site violates this Policy, Terms of Service, other usage guidelines or as deemed reasonably necessary by us to protect our legal rights and/or property; (vi) this site is purchased by a third party whereby that third party will be able to use the Data in the same manner as we can as set forth in this Policy. In the event you choose to use links that appear on our site to visit other web sites, you are advised to read the privacy policies that appear on those sites. We accept no responsibility whatsoever as to the content of sites we link to.
  • We may make changes to this Policy from time to time. We will notify you of substantial changes to this Policy either by posting a prominent announcement on our site and/or by sending a message to the e-mail address you have provided to us that is contained within your user settings.
  • While this Privacy Policy states our standards for maintenance of Data and we will make efforts to meet them, we are not in a position to guarantee these standards. There may be factors beyond our control that may result in disclosure of data. As a consequence, we disclaim any warranties or representations relating to maintenance or nondisclosure of Data.

Please contact info@Klisiexo.gr for any help or assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Klisiexo is for making international calls from Greek landlines or mobiles. It is very simple to use and full instructions are also sent to your mobile phone after you top up.
1. Purchase credit at www.klisiexo.gr and receive your PIN by SMS
2. Dial any of our access numbers from your Greek landline or mobile
3. Enter your PIN
4. Dial your destination number (00 + Country Code + National Code + Telephone Number) – don't press the "call" button again
5.That's it you are connected
Simply go to www.klisiexo.gr and securely enter your debit or credit card and contact details. You can also pay by PayPal. You will shortly receive a confirmation text message on your mobile with details of the access numbers and your PIN.
No, Klisiexo credit is only available to purchase online via our web site at www.klisiexo.gr
Access Klisiexo from your mobile and purchase online. Optionally set auto-topup to avoid running out of credit in the future
Absolutely, we are using the latest SSL encryption in our website and comply with PCI data security standards. We do not and cannot keep your card details stored in our servers, even if you choose auto-topup. All payments are processed securely our banking partners or PayPal.
You will receive a confirmation email confirming your purhcase and then receive an SMS with your PIN sent to your mobile phone. Generally the text message is sent instantaneously, however very rarely for example at peak times the mobile networks may be congested which means that the confirmation message may be delayed by a few minutes. Just contact us if you haven’t received the PIN within 15 minutes.
Yes, you can not top up with more than €20 in one day i.e. 4 x €5 top ups. Please contact us if you wish to purchase larger volumes.
Yes, our billing is per minute billing with no extra charges
Yes, you can call from any Greek mobile, landline or payphone. Just dial our local rate access number, whether you're calling from your mobile, home phone, an office phone or a payphone. The access number is charged as a regular landline call, it's great if you have free calls to landlines.
Yes you can. The call to the access number is charged as a regular landline (Athens) call.
Yes, we offer access from many countries, including Greece, Cyprus, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Malta, Poland, Netherlands and Belgium. You can use the same Klisiexo credit from any of these countries. Contact us if you need any assistance.
Every time you make your call, you will hear a voice prompt which will advise how much credit is left.
Yes, and it is highly likely that you will save money too, especially when calling Greek mobiles from a landline or payphones.
Yes, your credit will expire 90 days after purchase. This expiry of your total balance is extended by 90 days on each purchase.
No, our services are not suitable for calling non-standard or non-geographic phone numbers (e.g. national or international Freephone numbers, personal numbers, premium numbers or other audio text services).
Yes, we are continuously monitoring our rates to ensure that they are amongst the most competitive and reliable money can buy in the Greek market. This means rates are always getting better! Very rarely rates it is necessary to increase rates to a particular destination. All rate changes are listed on our web site, so make sure you check regularly, however we always tell you how many minutes you have available before each call you make.
Absolutely. We are very happy to sell you Klisiexo credit in bulk (minimum order 30 PINs) for you to resell Klisiexo within your business. This is ideal for hotels or holiday home owners wishing to sell quality low cost international calling to their customers or residents; or for businesses looking to provide their employees with PINs for low cost calls. We also have an affiliate scheme, paying agents a commission on all customers they refer to us. Please contact us for more information.


Who we are

2Abroad logo

Klisiexo is a brand of 2Abroad Ltd., a specialist international telecommunications service provider focussed on offering low-cost, highly reliable telecommunication services from landlines and mobiles in Greece the UK and across Europe and the USA.

2Abroad's management team have over 30 years experience within the international telecommunications industry and prides itself on completely transparent pricing and terms and conditions. Instead of masking low rates with charges such as maintenance fees, disconnection fees and variable rates, Klisiexo only charges a per-minute rate, clearly communicated to users via the web site rate sheet and also by voice prior to each call. For more information on 2Abroad Ltd please visit www.2Abroad.com

Calls from other countries

Use Call2Abroad to make cheap international calls from your landline or mobile in countries outside Greece.

Operating in 15 countries (UK, USA, Australia, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Sweeden, Switzerland, Netherlands and Malta) and focussing on low cost and ease of use, Call2Abroad is incredibly popular with travellers, expat communities and businesses looking to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues abroad.

No accounts, no contracts, no hassle. Top up from your mobile or online. Use from home or business, landline or mobile. Just pay as you go.

Press Enquiries

We are always keen to give interviews and share our views, so if you are a journalist, please get in touch.

Business Opportunities

Do you run a blog, operate a travel or money-saving web site, or can promote Klisiexo to your colleagues at work?

We welcome enqiries for re-selling of Klisiexo or any other 2Abroad brand, either as a wholesaler or an agent, please contact us with your proposal.

We also welcome contact from schools, community groups, large organisations and charities wishing to offer their user base/customers a discount on purchases from Klisiexo. Please contact us with your proposal.


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